Posted by: Shalini Verma | February 19, 2008

Meditation Techniques

If one explores the world of meditation, one  will find that there are many meditation techniques. Besides the classical techniques, almost every meditation teacher invents some of his own. ( In fact the multiplicity of meditation techniques and methods causes some confusion for people who are new to the subject. They do not know where to start and which method to follow.)

There are many meditation techniques and methods to choose from. Everyone extols the method he or she follows. They do so, because this is what they know and have been practicing. One’s method may not necessarily be appropriate for someone else. That’s why there are so many techniques.

Most people, especially in the West, associate meditation with relaxation of the body and mind. Actually, many who arrive to meditation, do so because of their need to find some relaxation in a world full of tension.

There are various Indian meditation techniques, Buddhist meditations, Zen meditations and other Eastern or Western techniques. Even guided imagination and creative visualization are a certain type of meditation.

Sometimes, people come across a method and start practicing it. Sometimes they like it and go on with it. At others times they are not satisfied, and either search some other technique or stop altogether.

The question is not what technique or method to choose. The crucial question is what do you expect to attain or gain, and does the method you choose lead you to your aim. Are you just after physical relaxation, a little inner peace, or do you want to gain real peace of mind? Maybe your aim is the attainment of enlightenment.

Some examples of the techniques are:

 There are techniques that instruct you to concentrate on the tip of your nose, on your breathing or on your movements.

Others tell you to think on a sentence, quote or prayer, while other methods tell you to repeat a mantra.

You can sit by the sea and watch the waves,

 follow a cloud in the sky or

concentrate on a certain subject and try to understand it.

 You can repeat a prayer or think about god. 

 The main theme of all of them is the act of focusing the mind on one single subject, in other words concentration.

The mind is usually restless. By subduing its waves, it becomes quiet. When the mind is quiet the body is quiet too. Meditation is not different from any other method of training. To succeed, you need perseverance, inner strength, ambition and faith. To gain results, you need to devote, time, energy and love.


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